Both cultivation licenses approved!


Now TANGO Seaweed is ‘on the map’! – Both our cultivation licenses in Herøy municipality are now part of the aquaculture catalogue – seaweed cultivations are indicated by green plant symbols.

We just received the good news that both cultivation licenses that we applied for, have been approved by the authorities. This means, that after we have carried out an environmental investigation of the seafloor, we can start installing our cultivation infrastructure at ‘Skarveskjæret’ and at ‘Måløysundet’. In 2017, we will start with a pilot-scale installation (2 ha) at Skarveskjæret!



Location at ‘Skarveskjæret – the total size is 16ha (200m*800m), but we will first build a pilot scale farm of 2ha.



Location at ‘Måløysundet – with a total size of 27ha (300m*900m). Here, we were advised to reduce the area we had applied for by 3ha, so that we would not come in conflict with the shipping lane to the east of the site.