First Seaweed Growth

Our first seaweed growth - February 2018

After a long wait during the winter, we can finally report the first growth of our seaweeds at the farm.

On Feb. 19, the winged kelps (Alaria esculenta) that were seeded in Oct. 2017 are up to 40cm in length. Wow! What a sight! They are lined up beautifully on the cultivation ropes, and where just a few weeks before we saw no obvious sign of growth, our seaweeds appear very happy - healthily soaking up the rays of the sun.

Just 11 days later, we are out to film the progress again, and now the longest individuals of our winged kelps are almost one metre in length.


cultivated Alaria esculenta TANGO Seaweed

Also the sugar kelps are growing, even though they are clearly the comparatively slow developers…

Will they catch up?