An eventful Seaweed Fest in Herøy

Three days of pure seaweed fun (© Siv-Elin Nærø)

Three days of pure seaweed fun (© Siv-Elin Nærø)

A big THANK YOU to everyone for joining us…

….and making the first ever ‘Tangfest’ in Herøy so much fun!

An enthusiastic group of people, young and old, and including some previous sceptics came to see, taste, touch, play with and learn about seaweeds and particpated in our eventful programme.

The festival opened with an evening of culture - a foto competition followed by seaweed tapas and accompanied by Tango music. Here, the future chefs from the local trade school impressed the audience with their beautiful taste creations all based on seaweeds.

On Saturday at Herøy Gård, all kind of activities were targeting families, including guided tidal walks, seaweed cheese making and tidal art projects for children. During boat tours to our seaweed farm one could U-pick and taste the virgin sugar kelp and Wakame directly from the ropes.

The historical surroundings of the museum area provided a fantastic backdrop for the day, not least when our local VIPs shared their memories of seaweeds and its uses from many years ago.

On Sunday, the festival concluded with another walk on the coast and a seaweed-ABC, i.e. a quiz highlighting some of the many facts concerning the astonishing world of seaweeds and their uses.

For more insight take a look at the whole program (in Norwegian) and enjoy some of the pictures taken by Siv-Elin Nærø.

For us at TANGO Seaweed, sharing our seaweed enthusiasm and - together with others - building knowledge on seaweeds as organisms, as a resource and as raw material for our products, is part of our mandate towards building a sustainable seaweed economy.